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Rattail Satin Cord

Lustrous satin cord by the yard for kumihimo braiding

rat tail satin cord for kumihimo braiding

  • Satin cording makes soft, thick kumihimo braids quickly and inexpensively.

  • Rattail #1 weight satin cord (1.5 to 2mm in diameter), rayon/cotton, made in the USA.

  • Order about three times the length of the desired finished braid.

  • An 8 cord braid will be about 3/8 inch (8 mm) in diameter.

NOTE: On long yardage cuts that may come in two pieces, extra yardage is allowed.
#128 - Rattail Satin Cord - $0.35 per yard

Satin Cord Color Mixes

  • 4-color mix of satin cording.

  • 3-yd strand of each color.

  • Makes a lovely variegated braid

#128M - Satin Cord Color Mix (12 yds) - $5.49 per mix