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Wet and Needle Felting Books

Here's a collection of books on both wet and needle felting to inspire you in any number of directions.

Beginner's Guide to Needle Felting

by Susanna Walli

How to create wonderful pictures and three-dimensional objects using wool and simple needle felting techniques. Learn how to make charming cards, pictures, jewelry, a bird and even a figure from wool. Simple techniques, clearly explained. Step by step photographs. Six very creative inspirational projects. Softbound, 64 pages.

Item # - 725 - $17.95

How to Make Felt

by Anne Belgrave

Discover how to use the felt-making process to create hats, bags, rugs, and wall hangings. You can make dyed or undyed felt, plain or patterned, and you can embroider it. Each process is explained in clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Paperback, 80 pages, full color.

Item # - 717-h - $14.95

Felting Fabulous Flowers

by Gillian Harris

Using the different techniques of wet felting and needle felting, make petals, stamens, pollen and leaves with all the tips, tricks and techniques you need for constructing your felted blooms. From simple daisies and cherry blossoms to more intricate passion flowers and exotic hibiscus, create an impressive felted flower garden. 80 pages, hardbound.

Item # - 718 - $14.95

Felt, Fabric and Fiber Jewelry

20 Beautiful Projects to Bead, Stitch, Knot and Braid
By Sherri Haab

Create twenty one-of-a-kind, gallery-quality jewelry projects from fabric, ribbon, thread, cord, wire, beads, buttons, and more, using a variety of needlework techniques – sewing and quilting, embroidery, felting, crochet, and knotting and braiding. From simple introductions to the fundamentals of fabric and needle crafting, to illustrated dictionaries of basic stitches and techniques to detailed how-to’s for creating necklaces, pendants, chokers, bracelets, brooches, and rings, Sherri Haab’s clear, lavishly illustrated instructions make every jewelry piece a snap to make. 127 pages, full color throughout, soft bound.

Item # - 720A - $19.95

The Complete Photo Guide to Needle Felting

By Ruth Lane

This richly illustrated how-to book is a comprehensive reference for various felting techniques, including needle felting, wet felting, and nuno felting. With these easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions and hundreds of full-color photos, you’ll be able to explore these easy projects that provide fun opportunities for you to try the techniques. Galleries of unique felted designs and creations by renowned fabric artists act as beautiful examples and inspiration to pursue the hobby yourself. 240 pages, softbound.

Item # - 733 - $24.99

Fabulous Felted Scarves

by Hagen & Johnson

Scarves are fabulous first projects for crafters to try. The simple process yields infinitely varied results, with rich colors, forms, and visual appeal. Created by two internationally-known designers, these 20 spectacular boas, wraps, shawls, and stoles are beautiful, wearable art. Ranging from understated elegance to simply outrageous, they come with easy-to-follow instructions, helpful how-to photos, and templates, when needed. An introduction covers all the basics, and the projects build a repertoire of skills as readers progress through the book. The standouts include a scarf with lacy designs snipped onto the felt surface; a wrap inspired by the delicate hues in Monet's water lily paintings; and a pretty dip-dye novelty yarn party scarf. 143 pages, softbound.

Item # - 723 - $14.95

Magic Wool Fairies

by Christine Schafer

Wool roving,or magic wool, is the material for making lovely, simple yet beautiful soft figures. Detailed instructions on making fairies and angels for every occasion: flower fairies for a seasonal nature table, fairies for birthday celebrations, guardian angels to watch over a crib and, of course, a range of Christmas angels. This book includes step-by-step instructions, color photographs and diagrams which clearly show the reader the basics for making simple figures, progressing to detailed instructions for making more elaborate versions. 104 pages, softbound.

Item # - 730 - $19.95

Magic Wool Mermaids, Fairies and Nymphs

By Christina Schafer

Inspired by ancient tales, myths and festivals, Christine Schäfer gives detailed instructions for a range of wonderful seasonal projects. From fluffy Easter bunnies through to shimmering mermaids and magnificent King Winter, this book will spark your imagination and kick-start your creativity.
The book includes step-by-step instructions, colour photographs and diagrams, making it suitable for beginners as well as those who have some experience of needle felting.

Item # - 708-m - $19.95

Magic Wool Fruit Children

by Christine Schafer

Dyed unspun sheep's wool, also known as magic wool, is the perfect material to craft an enchanting collection of miniature fruit children, which can be enjoyed by adults and children alike and are perfect for a nature corner or seasonal table.
Christine Schäfer, author of Magic Wool Fairies, includes detailed instructions on how to create fruits for every season -- berries,acorns, apples, plums, mandarins, toadstools, pumpkins -- and delightful little people to match.
This book provides step-by-step instructions, colour photographs and diagrams, which clearly show the reader how to make figures and objects of varying complexity. 96 pages, softbound.

Item # - 708-mwfc - $24.95

A Felt Farm

by Rotraud Reinhard

This craft book contains step-by-step instructions and beautiful colour photographs showing how to make an entire farm: with a range of felted animals, people and tools, as well as the farmyard itself.The second part of the book is a lovely illustrated story. It uses the characters, animals and settings from the first part to tell the story of a fun-filled day on a farm. You may choose to just make a couple of animals to supplement an existing farm set, or the entire farm, which is a great project for the whole family. Younger ones can make apples, balls or puddles and older children can felt simple animals. 160 pages, softbound.

Item # - 724 - $19.95


by Chapin and Wessel

Bestselling author Kari Chapin (The Handmade Marketplace) and
needle-felting artist Kerri Wessel concoct a delightful “cookbook” of 25
amazing felted foods. The menu features such fare as Good Morning
breakfast dishes; Diner Delights; Farmer's Market fruits and vegetables;
Sweet Tooth desserts; and Holiday Treats—like heart-shaped lollipops
for Valentine's Day. Also included: detailed instructions for turning
these tasty-looking projects into snack-size jewelry, magnets,
ornaments, hairclips, and paperweights. 144 pages, full color throughout, soft bound.

Item # - 732 - $17.95

Wool Pets

by Laurie Sharp

We looked at a number of the new felted animals books, and this one stands out with the best directions and illsutrations, truly cool little animals anyone can make. Cute & cuddly creatures from a handful of fluff & a barbed needle! Create 3D animals & figures using the felting needle to sculpt wool. Learn techniques and about felt needling w/ wool fiber to create felt, also learn the differences between this art for and other forms of felting. 128 pages, softbound.

Item # - 727 - priced below

Wool Toys and friends

Step-by-Step Instructions for Needle-Felting Fun

This volume teaches and illustrates fun, needle-felted projects to add to your collection of Wool Pets. The instructions include wet-felting and various embellishment techniques along with the needle felting and discusses the ways that folk art and nature inspire the projects. Heirloom hand-crafted wooden or cloth toys, birds and other animals have inspired and influenced the projects which have been translated into needle-felted art. 128 pages, softbound.

Item # - 734 - $15.99

Felted Feathered Friends

by Laurie Sharp

A companion to "Wool Pets", this well illustrated book shows how to make a wide variety of birds by needle felting wool roving into a three- dimensional figure using a special barbed needle. Each project includes a detailed photo of the project with step-by-step instructions to make 15 types of feathered friends, including a snowy owl, a peacock, flamingo, and various song birds. 128 pages, hardbound.

Item # - 726 - priced below

Creative Felting

by Lizzie Houghton

Textile artist Lizzie Houghton offers 30 stunning projects that truly stand out from the crowd. Her thorough, fully-illustrated tutorial in the basics will open the craft up to anyone: it includes everything from laying out the fabric and network felting to three-dimensional forms. Beginners then have the skills they need to create subtle variances in color; carry out bold, playful experiments; and work with traditional fibers as well as velvets, silks, and embroidery. The scarves, wraps, pillows, throws, and other felted designs all feature nature-inspired shades, from the fiery hues of chili and poppy and rust to the earthy tones of fern and moss. 112 pages, softbound.

Item # - 721 - $14.95

Felting for Kids

by Sif Jacobsen, Gry Hojgaardp

Let Gry and Sif take you into the wonderful world of wet felting! These sisters are well known for their appealing designs made of felted wool. This exciting collection of more than 44 fun projects contains everything from whimsical toys to desk accessories - including an entire collection just for boys. Learn wet-felting techniques and find projects you can make both for and with kids. 128 pages, softbound.

Item # - 722 - $16.95

Creative Wool: Making Woollen Crafts with Children

by Karin Neuschutz

This lively full-colour illustrated craft book shows how to make a range of handicrafts from fleece and yarn, including toys, friendship bracelets and braids, balls, pompoms, dolls, dolls' clothes and animals. With clear diagrams and step-by-step instructions, the book starts by introducing children to basic methods of spinning yarn, crocheting, knitting and felting. There is a broad range of projects for children of all ages to complete, working together with adults.

Item # - 711 - $19.95

Creative Felt

by Angelika Wolk-Gerche

This is a comprehensive book on wet felting. It begins with the various fibers and how they felt, also covers washing, carding and plant dyeing fiber. The middle section is all about the felting technique, how to do it, and the last part has a number of projects: balls, jewelry, hats, slippers, small dolls, books covers and so on. 152 pages, softbound.

Item # - 715 - $24.99

Magic Wool

by Dagmar Schmidt & Freya Jaffke.

New edition. This book covers techniques and ideas for creating soft wool pictures on a felt board. It also covers making little dolls and animal by using wire frames and wrapping wool around the frames. Soft woolen stand up dolls and figures for your nature table. 68 pages, softbound.

Item # - 728 - $19.95

More Magic Wool

by Angelika Wolk-Gerche

Instructions on making wool roving from raw wool fleece, with color formulas to dye your own wool from plants. Again, wrapping wool around wire frames to make animals, flowers, butterflies, fairies, gnomes, and seasonal trees and landscapes. A continuation and companion to Magic Wool. Lavishly illustrated, 78 pages softbound.

Item # - 729 - $15.95