Waldorf Doll Kits

Traditional Waldorf dolls, button-jointed dolls, knitted dolls, flannel dolls, cuddle babies, mermaid dolls

Traditional Waldorf Doll Kit

traditional Waldorf dolls

12", 16" and 20" Waldorf dolls

Button-Jointed Doll Kit

button-jointed Waldorf dolls

Like the traditional dolls, but with button connected legs and arms

Bunting Doll Kit

bunting Waldorf dolls

A soft and simple doll that is perfect for very young children

Flannel Doll Kit

flannel Waldorf dolls

11" baby doll with brushed cotton body is both soft and cuddly

Cuddle Baby Kit

cuddle-baby dolls

Adorable, snuggly infant dolls to accompany larger dolls

Knitted Body Doll Kit

knit-body Waldorf dolls

Similar to the traditional Waldorf doll, but with a knit body

Mermaid Doll Kit

mermaid Waldorf dolls

Cotton doll skin and cotton velour bodied mermaids

Nature Inspired Doll Kits

daisy Waldorf doll

Small but heartwarming doll kits