Waldorf Doll Makers

When I began making Waldorf dolls in 1986, the only dolls available were those made individually, by hand, by a person who was a doll maker. Often customers would send a picture of their child. There's something special about a doll made by hand, with a particular child in mind. It is a work of love.

Since then, the market has been flooded by factory made waldorf dolls, manufactured in various countries and imported to the states. We stopped making dolls years ago, but often receive requests from customers looking for a doll maker who makes dolls individually, by hand, especially for their child.

Individual dollmakers are still out there to make that special doll with love.
Here are some of these folks:

US Waldorf Dollmakers

We believe that the most beautiful Waldorf doll is the one that is stained and worn, a true friend for someone really special. Our intention for every one of our dolls is to be lived with and loved, and each is sturdy enough to withstand years of play. We use all natural materials from soft, clean wool for stuffing to cotton fabric for the skin and clothing and 100% wool hair to make our friends soft, snuggly and warm.
Waldorf dolls from Nancy Mclaughlin

Nancy Mclaughlin | Savannah, TX

treehugginmama@dragonflyshollow.com | Dragonfly's Hollow

We create handmade, special dolls as unique as your child! Each doll is crafted with a beautiful, soft cotton fabric, stuffed with 100% wool, and securely button jointed to allow for better hugs! Doll hair is carefully chosen from a gorgeous selection of hand-spun and hand-dyed yarns of merino wool. Dolls are made with dreams of sharing laughter, love and joy with your little one. Our hearts soar thinking of the fun, games, giggles and memories your child will have with their new companion. We hope to bless you and your child with the priceless treasure of friendship, love, and play!
Waldorf dolls from Andi Jayne Designs

Andi Jayne Designs | Rockford, MI

andijaynedesigns@gmail.com | Andi Jayne Designs | Andi on Etsy

I believe all children should have a special handmade doll to call their own. Wild Marigold dolls are made from the finest, all-natural materials and infused with the simple goodness and unique soul of being handmade with love and care for special little ones. Please have a look at my shop! I would love to make a custom doll just for your child.
Waldorf dolls from Jennie Hanzlik

Jennie Hanzlik

wildmarigoldtoys@gmail.com | Wild Marigold Toys

Visit Flower-n-Fern Doll Shoppe on Etsy today to take a look at the unique Waldorf inspired dolls I offer. The dolls are made in my studio, right in the heart of Lancaster County, Pa. My favorite materials to work with are high quality wool, cotton, alpaca, mohair and silk. Since every part of the doll and her clothing is designed and constructed by me, you can count on receiving consistent, quality items every time you place an order. Check out my shop today! I would love to make a doll for the special child in your life!
Waldorf dolls from Jennifer Robiinson

Jennifer Robinson | Lancaster County, PA

jenr5309@gmail.com | Flower-n-Fern Doll Shoppe

Clementine dolls are unique, hand-made to order dolls made with only all natural materials. Each Waldorf-inspired doll can be ordered in a variety of skin and hair color/texture. Every doll comes with removable clothing and the long-haired dolls come with a brush that can be used to brush & style their hair. Custom dolls take 1 1/2 to 2 weeks to complete.
Waldorf dolls from Lisa Watkins

Lisa Watkins | Atlanta, GA

clementinedolls@yahoo.com | Clementine Dolls | Facebook

I make many sizes of custom dolls from very tiny to large and cuddly, lots of different animals, fairies, elves and gnomes, and hand dyed doll clothes. You are cordially invited to visit my website and see the creations I have photographed in my beloved garden that inspires me to create.
Waldorf dolls from Joyce Harris

Joyce Harris | Deep Springs, TX

thehillcountrydollmaker@gmail.com | Hillcountry Dollmaker

I met my first Waldorf Doll and never forgot her. Years later, when I retired from teaching I worked long and hard... nearly a year... to perfect my doll. They are all original because for the life of me, I can't make them the very same! I love making them and imagining a child loving them one day. I recently made a bride doll for my daughter using bits of my wedding dress, her wedding dress and handmade lace from her grandmother and great, great grandmother.
Waldorf dolls from Pam Currie

Pam Currie

CatiAnnDolls@gmail.com | CatiAnn Handcrafted Original Dolls

I became a doll maker by default; my Waldorf-educated child wanted a doll. I discovered that each doll, like each child, has a personality all his or her own, and that finding those personalities in the wool and cotton was a delight.

I use only cotton and wool in my dolls, machine stitch the bodies and hair to ensure years of play and love, and hand finish the faces using embroidery floss. Each custom-ordered doll is made in close consultation with you, so that skin tone and hairstyle are as you'd like.
Waldorf dolls from Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

mommyscraftbasket@gmail.com | Mommy's Craft Basket | Facebook

I have a love of sharing handwork creations..and also helping people learn their own abilities to create beautiful dolls, clothing, yarn, and more!Doll classes, knit and crochet classes, sewing classes ongoing, Paypal and Credit Cards accepted.
Waldorf dolls from Cathryn Bump

Cathryn Bump: Cathryn's Creations | Richmond, VA


Canadian Waldorf Dollmakers

At Bamboletta dolls we handcraft a variety of different dolls to suit every age. We create truly unique dolls, each of them emerging from fabric and wool with entirely different personalities. At Bamboletta we put a bit of a modern spin on traditional dolls.
Waldorf dolls from Christina Platt

Christina Platt | Cobble Hill, B.C.

christina@bamboletta.com | Mommy's Craft Basket

Australian Waldorf Dollmakers

My Waldorf inspired dolls are hand made from all natural fibres using my own patterns based on the traditional European style cloth dolls and can be customized to suit your needs. Please contact me if you would like a custom made doll. I'm happy to work with you so you can buy the doll of your dreams.
Waldorf dolls from Jenny Marshall

Jenny Marshall | Australia

stephenmarshall@dodo.com.au | Little Jenny Wren

Soft and warm, sweet and cuddly, this range of dolls and accessories are presented to you with attention to detail and fine quality in the Waldorf tradition. All my dolls are made by hand by me, with love and inspiration from the dolls developed by parents of children in Steiner schools worldwide, using the highest quality natural fibres, pure cotton and pure wool, all australian made. Special Friends custom orders are created from pictures or video of the child in mind.
Waldorf dolls from Shelley Davis

Shelley Davis | Australia

specialfriendsdolls@yahoo.com.au | Special Friends Waldorf Dolls