Wool Stuffing

Bio-Wool and Silky Wool

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Silky Wool Core Fiber Wool Stuffing

Clean, combed carded wool, for stuffing toys and dolls.
This is very soft and silky with long, quality staple fibers. A little more 'sheepy' smell than the Bio wool.
Natural offwhite.
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Bio Wool Core Fiber Wool Stuffing

This high quality, U.S.A grown wool is blended specifically for extra softness and resilience. 30% organic content.
A 12 or 16 inch doll will need a half pound of wool, a 20 inch doll will require a pound.
  • PROPER GRAZING METHODS: Growers rotate pastures to prevent overgrazing and soil erosion. Proper grazing creates a higher quality wool and protects the health of the sheep
  • PREDATOR FRIENDLY: Trained sheep dogs guard the flock. Natural predators are not poisoned, trapped, or shot.
  • HEALTHY VETERINARY PRACTICES: Only certain kinds of medications and supplements can be used to treat the sheep. Sheep raised in open pastures are healthier and require less vet care.
  • FIELDS PROTECTED FROM PESTICIDES: No use of herbicides and pesticides on fields where the sheep will be grazing. Wool is spot tested to ensure that no harmful chemicals have been used.
  • OPPOSE CHEMICAL PROCESSING OF THE WOOL: This wool is not carbonized (dipped in strong acid to dissolve residual matter), dipped (at many farms, sheep are dipped in pesticides), or bleached.
  • SHEEP FRIENDLY: Highly skilled shearing crews trained to shear the sheep with as much care and as harmlessly as possible.
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