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Merino Wool Roving

Very fine and soft Merino wool roving for wet and needle felting

merino  wool roving - all colors
merino  wool roving - all colors merino g wool roving - ounces

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If color matching is important for you, please order color card at page bottom.
Merino wool is perfect for needle felting and nuno felting projects that will be worn close to the skin.
  • Merino wool fiber is the finest and silkiest of our dyed wool rovings.

  • 21-22 micron fiber, staple length approx. 7.5 cm (3 ins)

  • One ounce is about a yard and a half of 2" thick roving.

  • One pound is about a volleyball-sized amount of roving.

  • Sustainably and humanely farmed, free of harmful chemials. Dyes certified to meet OKEO TEK-100, product classes 1 and 2.

  • For exact color matching, please order sample card at page bottom.
#507 - ounce - $2.49
#507 - pound - $35.95

Fine Merino Wool Roving Swatch Cards

Swatch cards with samples of all merino wool roving colors.

Item # - 507SW - $6.95