About Organic Fabrics

What's the difference between organic and 'regular' cotton knit?
Why don't we make kits with organic fabrics?

We are committed to being as green as possible, and this commitment extends to carrying organic goods. We understand why many people would choose organic fabrics to make a doll for a child.

All organic cotton producers must meet GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) standards in their cultivation and production practices. Both land and crops must be inspected and certified by internationally reputable certifying bodies each year. Our organic certifications are in PDF and .jpg format on the site.

However, it's important to understand the difference between organic and 'regular' cotton. When you grow cotton organically, you sacrifice some of the staple length of the cotton. It's not hard to understand that insect damage on untreated crops and limited kinds of fertilizers will decrease the quality of the resulting harvest. There are some organic cotton strains that are being developed to resist insect damage, but these also give up some of the properties of top quality cotton fiber and are not yet the equivalent of conventional cotton strains.

As a result, organic fabric is less durable and seams a little less elastically than conventionally grown cotton. Both our regular and organic fabrics are milled the same way, and will have similar weight and stretch, and many people do not notice any difference between the two of them. We've also had people return pre-sewn organic bodies, when we sold them, because the seams looked more raggedy and they were unhappy with that. We've also had some feedback that organic fabric, (from other suppliers, interestingly enough, although we supply other doll companies in the US) does not last as well on the doll.

With all this in mind, we made the decision not to carry organic fabric options for kits. Kits are ideal for people new to doll making, who do not have a lot of fabric expertise, and it may be the one doll they make for their child. Our intention is to make sure the resulting doll is long lasting and the fabric is the strongest available.

We do get occasional requests to make an organic fabric doll body in a kit, but silkscreening doll bodies is a time consuming operation. It's simply not feasible to set up the equipment to screen just a few bodies from organic fabric. We recommend to folks who want organic fabric in a kit to purchase and additional half yard of organic fabric along with the kit and transfer the silkscreened pattern to make an organic fabric body. Please note that organic yarn for hair is a standard option, and the bio wool stuffing is essentially organic as well.

May every child receive their own special doll, a gift of love.