How attach a clasp to the end of your braid

Kumihimo tutorials for adding clasps

How to you put a clasp on the end of the braid?
Please see the following pictures for instructions.
Please see the following pictures for help finishing braids.

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Round braid clasps

Here you see a braid end that has been wrapped and trimmed as directed on our
braid finishing page.

Check the page for how to size the end cap for the clasp. You’ll need a clasp and a drop of glue. I particularly like gel super glue, as it has some volume to it, dries clear, and is very strong and washable.

Using a pin or a toothpick, work a drop of super glue into the threads and wrapping at the end of the braid.

Holding the braid end and clasp end carefully, you are ready to insert the braid into the end cap.

Carefully work the glued braid end into the end cap, twisting a bit to make sure the glue is distributed around evenly.

Wait for the glue to dry, trim off any loose threads that didn’t make it into the end cap. Here is the finished attachment.

Simple overknot clasp

There’s also a simple way to make an adjustable necklace without any clasp at all!

All you need is the braid.
Here is a braid with both ends wrapped and trimmed.

Knot one braid end around the other side using a simple overhand knot as shown.

Then knot the second braid end in the same way.
(each end is knotted around the other side)

Move the knots close to the end of each braid end, tighten them down, and Voila! You will find you can easily slip the knots back and forth together to make the necklace longer or shorter.

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