Wet and Needle Felting Books

Here's a collection of books on both wet and needle felting to inspire you in any number of directions.

Beginner's Guide to Needle Felting

by Susanna Walli

How to create wonderful pictures and three-dimensional objects using wool and simple needle felting techniques. Learn how to make charming cards, pictures, jewelry, a bird and even a figure from wool. Simple techniques, clearly explained. Step by step photographs. Six very creative inspirational projects. Softbound, 64 pages.

Item # - 725 - $17.95


by Chapin and Wessel

Bestselling author Kari Chapin (The Handmade Marketplace) and
needle-felting artist Kerri Wessel concoct a delightful “cookbook” of 25
amazing felted foods. The menu features such fare as Good Morning
breakfast dishes; Diner Delights; Farmer's Market fruits and vegetables;
Sweet Tooth desserts; and Holiday Treats—like heart-shaped lollipops
for Valentine's Day. Also included: detailed instructions for turning
these tasty-looking projects into snack-size jewelry, magnets,
ornaments, hairclips, and paperweights. 144 pages, full color throughout, soft bound.

Item # - 732 - $17.95

More Magic Wool

by Angelika Wolk-Gerche

Instructions on making wool roving from raw wool fleece, with color formulas to dye your own wool from plants. Again, wrapping wool around wire frames to make animals, flowers, butterflies, fairies, gnomes, and seasonal trees and landscapes. A continuation and companion to Magic Wool. Lavishly illustrated, 78 pages softbound.

Item # - 729 - $15.95