Crafts for Kids

Felting, knitting, kumihimo braiding, toy making and other crafting projects for children

Teaching your children (or yourself!) the hand-eye coordination skills involved in crafts has so many benefits. Besides the satisfaction of actually creating something new, it increases our interaction and understanding of the world on a number of levels (see article on curriculum). It has been shown to increase intelligence in seemingly unrelated areas. Recent brain research has shown that knitting and crocheting actually produce much of the same beneficial stress reductions physiologically in the body as meditation or yoga practice. Wow!

It doesn’t have to be hard to start. On this page, we’ve compiled in one spot what we offer for kids and beginners.

I’d recommend starting with a felting kit. By second grade age, your child is probably ready to knit and do simple sewing projects. The braiding disk and plate set is for a slightly older child, probably 3-4th grade.

Crafts for Kids Age 5+ Projects

Crafts for Kids Age 7+ Projects

Savvy Kids and Beginner Adults Projects

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