Crafts for Kids

Felting, knitting, kumihimo braiding, toy making and other crafting projects for children

Homeschooling and crafts Teaching your children (or yourself!) the hand-eye coordination skills involved in crafts has so many benefits. Besides the satisfaction of actually creating something new, it increases our interaction and understanding of the world on a number of levels (see article on curriculum). It has been shown to increase intelligence in seemingly unrelated areas. Recent brain research has shown that knitting and crocheting actually produce much of the same beneficial stress reductions physiologically in the body as meditation or yoga practice. Wow!

a child working on a felting project
It doesn't have to be hard to start. On this page, we've compiled in one spot what we offer for kids and beginners.

I'd recommend starting with a felting kit. By second grade age, your child is probably ready to knit and do simple sewing projects. The braiding disk and plate set is for a slightly older child, probably 3-4th grade.

Easy Felting Kits

How to Make Little Needle-Felted Teddy Bears BOOK

By Judy Balchin & Roz Dace

  • 18 loveable bears to choose from, all easy and fun to make
  • Clear step-by-step instructions and photographs
  • Perfect gifts and keepsakes for your friends, family and loved ones
  • 96 colorful pages
Item # - 725-ted - $17.95

Pedigree Dogs in Needle Felt BOOK

By Gai Button

Join Gai Button as she shares the secrets of making beautiful miniature dogs from needle felt. Using different wools, along with just three needles, you can create many realistic breeds including labradors, pugs, poodles, border terriers and more. Perfect for felters and dog lovers everywhere.

  • Six step-by-step projects for making your own adorable miniature pet
  • Clear, simple and innovative techniques
  • Suitable for beginners and experts alike
  • 112 pages
Item # - 725-Dog - $19.95
out of stock

Spring Nest Needle Felting Kit

This is a great beginner's needle felting project that produces a life-sized bird's nest and three eggs.

This kit contains:
- Home Spun roving
- EcoSoft roving
- Wool batt
- Nest Felting Form
- 4x6 felting foam with two felting needles
- Written instructions with pictures

You Will Need:
- a foam mat for needle felting

Item # - 988B - $19.99

Say Hello to Artfelt® Kit -- Mini-catch all purse - The Blues

This kits makes use of both standard and pencil roving in 100% Merino wool. This catch all purse for jewelry, coins, or whatnot can be make to look like the pictured image, or you can improvise and make your own design.

Item # - 977-pur - $14.95
out of stock

Silk/Wool Felted Scarf Kit

Create a beautifully soft silk/merino scarf in nuno felt.

Kit contains a silk scarf and fiber made from 80% New Zealand merino and 20% silk. The fine 22 micron merino and the lustre of the silk makes this a truly luxurious blend. Create fine, lacy and lightweight scarf, finished size about 2 yards long by about 11 inches wide.

Item # - 816 - priced below
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Kumihimo Braiding Sets

Braiding Disk Starter Set

  • Braiding disk
  • 8 EZ bobs to keep threads from tangling
  • 25 plastic bobbins to keep threads from tangling
  • counterweight
  • 4 skeins cotton craft thread (colors will vary)
  • Braided Disk Instructions
Item # - 1141 - $12.95

Braiding Plate Starter Set

  • Braiding PLATE
  • 8 EZ bobs to keep threads from tangling
  • 25 plastic bobbins to keep threads from tangling
  • counterweight
  • 4 skeins cotton craft thread (colors will vary)
  • Braided Plate Instructions
Item # - 1142 - $13.95