Braiding Plate Instructions

Kumihimo tutorials for making flat braids on a braiding plate

These pages are freely available instructions for making braids on the kumihimo disk and plate. These are instructions of common generic braids. A printed version of these instructions is also available on this page.
Text and pictures by None Redmond, a weaver and kumihimo braiding teacher.

Braiding Plate Instructions

A printed copy of our free online disk instructions. Well illustrated and step by step guide to various braids.

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Basic Flat (or Anda-Gumi) Braid 1/3

Here is a picture of what you need: silk or some other thread, the plate, and a weight. You can also use rattail, yarn or narrow ribbon.
Threads for a flat braid.

Please choose five colors which change from darker to lighter or graduate through the color spectrum. Cut about a yard of each color.

Attach a braiding weight to the centers of the thread lengths with a Lark's Head loop as shown. This end will hang below the central slit of the plate.

The picture shows how the Lark's Head knot is used to secure the centre of the threads. The weight will hang below the central slit of the plate.
Lark's head knot o0n flat braid.

Arrange the five colors from darker to lighter as shown in this photo. This braid was made with three strands of each color of silk embroidery floss color but any other fibers on hand may be used for this first sample. You can see the lark's head knot attached to the weight in the center hanging below the slot.
Flat braid.

The dark thread on the extreme left at the north is moved to the west [4 - B] and the dark thread at the south is moved across the threads to a slit at the east [4 - (B)].
Flat braid.

The thread at the south on the extreme left is now moved to the north on the left as shown below. [(5) - 4]
Flat braid.

and the thread next to it at the north is moved to the south in the first thread's place as shown below. [5 - (5)]
Flat braid.

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