Braiding Plate Instructions

Kumihimo tutorials for making flat braids on a braiding plate

These pages are freely available instructions for making braids on the kumihimo disk and plate. These are instructions of common generic braids, patterns freely available in Japan. along with Makiko Tada's instructions for which may be found in her book for disk and plate braids.
Text and pictures by None Redmond, a weaver and kumihimo braiding teacher.

Basic Flat (or Anda-Gumi) Braid 3/3

The thread at the east moves up to the north at the extreme right of the row of threads .....
Basic flat braid.

and the thread at the west moves across the threads to settle in the slit just vacated at the east (B) - 8 and B - (B).
Basic flat braid..

This is the next move showing that the thread at the north on the extreme left of the line of threads has been moved to the westerly position so that now this set up is the same as the one at the beginning of the braiding. [4 - B] The moves described are repeated and it will be seen that there is a cycle of 10 moves before the configuration returns to the original.
Flat braid.

Here is the completed Anda Gumi. It will be seen during the braiding that the braid emerges at an angle. This observation leads directly to the next braid which is the zig zag.
Flat braid.

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Braid 2: A Zig Zag Braid