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Braiding Plate Instructions

Kumihimo tutorials for making flat braids on a braiding plate

These pages are freely available instructions for making braids on the kumihimo disk and plate. These are instructions of common generic braids, patterns freely available in Japan. along with Makiko Tada's instructions for which may be found in her book for disk and plate braids.
Text and pictures by None Redmond, a weaver and kumihimo braiding teacher.

Braid 3: Chevron (or Une-gumi) Braid (2/4)

The thread next door to the one just placed is now moved down to the vacant place at the bottom. 8 to (7) This leaves a vacancy upstairs at 8...
Chevron flat braid.

........... so the next move is to take the thread at the bottom next door and to the right of the thread just placed and move it up to that vacant place as illustrated. (8) to 8
Chevron flat braid.

These up and down movements continue as will be seen in the following photographs, 9 to (8)
Chevron flat braid.

(9) to 9
Chevron flat braid.

10 to (9)
Chevron flat braid.

(10) to 10
Chevron flat braid.

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Braid 3: Chevron (or Une-gumi) Braid (3/4)