Needle Felting Needles

Size 36, 38, 40; 50 needles for $19.95.
Star and Spiral 38 needles in small and bulk packs. Felting needle cases.

A nice variety of felting needles available in bulk at a great savings - never run out! Sspiral needles to speed up the felting process.

Price drop on bulk needles! 50 pack of tri point needles only $19.95.
50 Star point needles now $35.95.

felting needles
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Tips for avoiding needle breakage
  • SIZE 36 felting needles: is the largest shaft for fastest felting, but the large shaft may leave little indentations.
  • SIZE 38 felting needles: a medium sized needle for all-around work.
  • SIZE 38 STAR POINT felting needles: used for both rough and fine work. The star point has 4 edges and thus more barbs, pulling more fibers with each punch without leaving large holes.
  • SIZE 40 felting needles: has the finest shaft for shallow, fine detailing work.
  • The spiral needle has a twist into a spiral shape, makes each stroke much more efficient.
Tri Point 36, 38, 40 felting needles - $3.49/ 5pack, $19.95 / 50pack
Star Point felting needles - $4.95 / 5pack, $35.95 / 50pack
Spiral Point needles - $4.95 / 5pack, $18.95 / 20pack

Tools for Felting Needles