DollyMo Yarn

Brushable Mohair Yarn

This wonderful yarn is suitable for brushing out and styling from a crocheted cap base.

If you want to make an exact color match we suggest that you purchase a swatch card.

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    DollyMo Woolly Mohair Yarn

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    DollyMo yarn is a terrific choice for brushable doll hair for Waldorf dolls and soft cloth dolls that can be styled.  We are thrilled to be a USA supplier for Kamrin’s Craft Cottage in The Netherlands.

    A high-quality, soft, and extra long-haired yarn especially suitable for crocheting hair caps for larger dolls.  For those doll-makers who have been with us for years, please note that this yarn replaces the similar yarn from Little Oke Dolls.

  • Tools

    Fiber Brush for doll hair

    $9.69 Add to cart

    A carding blender that works well for brushing out brushable mohair yarn cap hair styles. An inexpensive version of a larger carder with a working surface of about 1 x 2 inches.  This size makes it great for working on doll heads. Sold as a single brush.

  • Swatch

    Swatch Card – DollyMo Yarn

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    Short pieces of DollyMo woolly mohair yarn colors on a card for color matching. This is the best way to find the exact color you need.  Computer and phone screens are not accurate.

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