Mohair Yarn for Waldorf Doll Hair

Soft fluffy mohair yarn

If you are looking for an exact match we suggest you first get a swatch card to see our yarn colors

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  • Swatch

    Brushed Mohair Swatch Card

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    Short yarn pieces attached to cardstock of our brushed mohair.  This is a fluffy yarn used to create a soft, brushed hair style.

  • Single

    Brushed Mohair Yarn for Doll Hair

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    You will love working with this fluffy yarn to create a soft, brushed hair style.  We have both traditional doll hair colors and some really cute pinks and lime.

    • 78% mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon.
    • 50 gram, 1.75 oz. pull out skein is approximately 110 yards.
    • Mohair yarn colors may not appear accurately online. Swatch card recommended for exact color matching.
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