Needle Felting Needles

Size 36, 38, 40;
Star and Spiral 38 needles in small and bulk packs. Felting needle cases.
A nice variety of felting needles available in bulk at a great savings – never run out! Spiral needles to speed up the felting process.

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  • Needle Felting Needles

    Felting Needle Case

    $2.45$9.31 Select options

    New needle felting case design!  We have added a felt bottom so you may gently stick your needles in the bottom stopper and they won’t roll around and get broken.  Great for transporting and you can take the bottom stopper out and use it like a pin cushion as you work.  The tubes are transparent with colored tops that are great for  keeping different sizes separate. About 4″ long by 1″ wide plastic case that generously holds multiple felting needles.

  • Needle Felting Needles

    Felting Needles – 4 needle assortment

    $4.95$7.40 Select options

    Because you will want to experiment with different gauge needles or you need to quickly start a project and finish with a finer needle, this 4 pack will meet those needs.  Try our color-coded assortment which includes a 36, 38, 40 and a 38 star point.

    The 36 triangular and 36 star are great for quickly starting your felting project.  The 38 is for finer work and the 40 is the finest point for really fine detailed work.  You do not need to stab deeply with any of these needles.  The working part of the needle is at the tip so poking any deeper is not accomplishing any more felting.  This also eases your hand and shoulder. Felting needles can break. You do not need a lot of force and poke your needle straight in and pull it straight out.


  • Needle Felting Needles

    Felting Needles – SPIRAL 38 gauge

    $4.95$89.95 Select options

    A 38 gauge spiral felting needle has a twist in the blade making each stroke more efficient and speeding up felting time.  As it enters the fibers it both twists and felts them with each punch.  I strongly believe this needle speeds up my felting time by 3-4 times.


  • Needle Felting Needles

    Felting Needles – STAR point 38

    $4.95$69.95 Select options

    Thirty eight star point needles are excellent for making quick work of rough fibers, or felting pieces together and sculpting. I like to start my work with this workhorse needle.  Its working blade has 4 edges and thus more barbs, pulling more fibers with each punch without leaving large holes. The barbs are closer the the tip of the needle, so you can use shallower pokes and have the same result. 

  • Needle Felting Needles

    Felting Needles – tri point 38

    $3.49$38.95 Select options

    The size 38 felting needle is a medium sized needle for all-around work. It has a triangular point working blade.


  • Needle Felting Needles

    Felting Needles — tri point 36

    $3.49$38.95 Select options
  • Needle Felting Needles

    Felting Needles -Triangular Point 40

    $3.49$38.95 Select options

    Forty gauge felting needles have a fine shaft for shallow, fine detailing work.  This blade is thin and more fragile, not designed to puncture heavy or dense materials.  It has a 3-sided or triangular point working blade with 2 barbs per edge.  I use this needle for finishing work. 

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