Waldorf Doll Making

Waldorf Doll Making Kits and Supplies

For over 30 years, Weir Crafts has been #1 for all the wholesome Waldorf supplies you have known and loved.  From our exclusively USA made Weir Crafts doll skin fabrics to beautiful yarns and wefts for doll hair, we have your soft doll making covered.  And our famous Susan Weir created Waldorf doll kits, patterns and instructions make your doll project such a pleasure.  And we have Susan’s knitted doll patterns too!

For quality doll skin fabrics, patterns, kits or tools, you are in the right place!

Looking for our Doll Making Tutorials?

We have a instructions and tutorials that show you how to make a cap, sew a nose, and how to care for your Waldorf Doll

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