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    Ball Point Hand Sewing Needles

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    For hand sewing on knit materials. Ball point end prevents needle from making holes in the fabric. Package of 10, sizes 3-7.

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    Bamboo Knitting Needles

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    Enjoy the warmth of working with wooden knitting needles. Size 7 to use with worsted yarns, size 4 to use with sport weight yarns. Nine inch length.

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    Crochet Hook – size J

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    These crochet hooks are used to crochet yarn into a cap for dolls. Aluminum for long lasting use. Please see our free online crocheted cap instructions under the yarn section.

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    Fiber Brush for doll hair

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    A carding blender that works well for brushing out brushable mohair yarn cap hair styles. An inexpensive version of a larger carder with a working surface of about 1 x 2 inches.  This size makes it great for working on doll heads. Sold as a single brush.

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    Organic Beeswax Crayon for Doll Cheeks

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    Filana Organic beeswax crayon for coloring doll cheeks a rosy blush. Comes with cloth: rub crayon onto cloth, then use cloth to apply coloring to doll cheeks.  These high quality crayons are made in small batches in the USA and are free of paraffin or petroleum waxes.

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