Wool Stuffing

Bio-Wool and Silky Wool

If you are a purist and looking to stuff your Waldorf or soft doll with all wool stuffing, Weir Crafts is your store!

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  • Wool Stuffing

    Bio Wool Stuffing

    $12.27$24.50 Select options

    This high quality, U.S.A grown wool is blended specifically for extra softness and resilience. 30% organic content. OKEO TEK certified Standard 100, guaranteed to be free of harmful or toxic substances.

    A 12 or 16 inch doll will need a half pound of wool, a 20 inch doll will require a pound.

  • Wool Stuffing

    Silky Wool Stuffing

    $9.95$18.95 Select options

    Clean, combed carded wool, for stuffing toys and dolls. This is very soft and silky wool batting with long, quality staple fibers.

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