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  • Artfelt Felting Paper

    Artfelt Felting Paper

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    Artfelt® paper, is a patented, starch-based, paper specifically developed to ease and speed up the felting process.  You tack and lightly needle felt your wool roving to the Artfelt Paper, roll it up and put in the dryer then dissolve the paper with boiling water.  It makes a nice, durable piece of felt.  Artfelt® is simple to learn, quick to do and requires no knitting or previous felting experience. Artfelting can create felted material that is wafer thin as well as thick enough for a handbag all while allowing precision detail of design. The only thing that limits creativity with Artfelt® is your imagination!

    NEW SIZE!  This is 24 inches wide and not 30″.  The new pricing reflects this. We will eventually go back to the 30inch wide but for now it’s 24″.

    We sell it by the yard (36″ long x 24″wide), or save with a ten yard bolt (10 yards x 24″ wide)

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