Merino Wool Batts

Merino Carded Wool Batts

Wool that is carded into flat batt that is easily layered for wet and needle felting projects.
This quality soft, merino wool will complement roving (which comes in a long, unspun rope) to make felting projects earier and faster.


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  • Merino Wool Batts

    Merino Wool Carded Batt

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    Fine, soft and silky Merino wool batts works well in both wet and needle felting projects. Batt is fiber that has been carded and is now a thick, fluffy, sheet that can be used for bedding, spinning, felting and textile arts.

    • Microns: 23 mic
    • Fiber Length: ~ 3 inches
    • Batt Thickness: .75 – 1.5in
    • 200 gram package ( roughly 7 oz) measures approximately 20″ x 72″
    • 50 gram package ( roughly 1.75 oz.) measures approximately 22″ x 19″
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