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  • Bombyx (Mulberry) Silk

    Bombyx Mulberry Silk Roving

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    Add richness and luster to your work with our 16 brilliant colors of mulberry silk roving. Silk’s softness is incomparable to any fiber.  It can be used paper-making, spinning, needle felting and textured projects.  It is best used blended with wool if needle felting.

  • Sari Silk

    Sari Silk Roving

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    Beautiful, silk, saris are repurposed into luxuriously soft roving, giving them a new life.  It is used for needle felting, nuno felting, and spinning giving your work unique texture and color.  Blend it with wool as silk is an extruded fiber with no scales to make it felt.  Both are natural fibers, but wool fiber possesses scaling, giving it the ability to intertwine.

    Not recommended for hot water felting as these hand-dyed saris can bleed.

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