Bio Wool Core Fiber



Core fiber is used to fill the inside of felted objects where color is not important. It’s more economical than using your dyed wool for unseen areas.

This high quality, U.S.A grown wool is blended specifically for extra softness and resilience. 30% organic content. OKEO TEK certified Standard 100, guaranteed to be free of harmful or toxic substances.

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Our Bio Wool is now sourced from midwest sheep farms and scoured (washed) in Canada and processed one state away.  This reduces our carbon footprint as we are in northern Ohio on Lake Erie.  And we love that it has less nepps and is so smooth and soft.  I have used this wool batt for a few years now for a ballet dancer product and it has been worn next to the skin with zero allergic reactions and they loved its silkiness.

It’s great as a core wool for 3-d projects or stuffing for soft dolls!

This wool is not carbonized. Carbonization is a chemical process using acid or acid-producing salts to remove the wool, grease and vegetable matter such as seeds, burs and grass from wool fibers. Our wool is not full of chemicals.

“The U.S. wool industry is committed to the highest standards of sheep care and well-being. U.S. sheep farmers and ranchers take great pride in the care they provide
for their animals recognizing that animal welfare is an ethical responsibility that is fundamental for the humane care of animals, as well as the safety and quality of the
food and fiber supply. ASI has developed science-based guidelines for producers to follow that will create a standards of excellence in care and management for their sheep.
Due to the breeds of sheep produced in the United States, mulesing has never been a husbandry practice utilized by American wool producers.” (

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