Dream Felt – Made here!


These one-of-a-kind, Dream Felt sheets are wet felted.  Their unique colorway and versatility will knock your socks off. They are created here in our Weir Crafts dye and felt production studio.

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We have a wet felting machine that produces one dream felt sheet at a time.  They are thick with some thinner spots and have a wavy surface. We start with a naturally colored core wool and cover it with dyed wool.  This produces a sheet with one side off-white and the other showing tons of  colorful design.  It’s not completely felted so it can be used as a background, for cutouts or whatever you can think of. You can add your own embellishments and complete the look you want.  I would consider this dream felt to be about 75% felted.  It’s sturdy yet able to be further felted and it’s rather thick.

  • These felt pieces are made one at a time and cannot be reproduced.
  • Color is only on one side
  • Weight varies for each piece
  • Lengths and widths vary, this is not a perfect, rectangular piece of felt
  • Thickness varies; there will be thick and thin spots
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#1 Painted Desert (~ 37"x39"), #2 ~ 32"x38", #3 ~ 30"x36", #5 ~ 37"x41", #6 ~ 34"x44", #8 ~ 34"x36"

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