Felt Animal Families


These super cute felt animals are going to be your child’s favorite toys!  There are deer, bears, rabbits, foxes, mice and raccoons to choose from, all brought to life and given characters of their own with cute outfits and fun accessories. Hand sewn using simple stitches.  Use our 100% wool craft weight felt and our wool stuffing for an eco-friendly toy.  And we offer tracing paper so you don’t have to cut your pages. By, Corinne Lapierre.

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Wool Felt Suggestions:

Raccoon Family: 1/2 yard of gray heather, 8×12 red, 8×12 yellow

Bear Family: 1/2 yard of Brown, 8×12 yellow, 8×12 grass, 8×12 spruce, 8×12 espresso, 8×12 white, 8×12 charcoal

Rabbit Family: 1/2 yard of Rock, 8×12 white, 8×12 pink or whipped papaya, 8×12 Robins Egg, 8×12 pale green, 8×12 fern, 8×12 butter, 8×12 orange, 8×12 ginger

Mouse Family: 18″x18″ Silver, 8×12 white, 8×12 pink or whipped papaya, 8×12 spruce, 8×12 brown, 8×12 red, Olive 8×12, Purple or Lilac 8×12, Ginger 8×12

Deer Family: 18×18 Ginger, 8×12 white, 8×12 red, 8×12 brown, 8×12 Olive, 8×12 Lilac or purple, 8×12 charcoal heather

Fox Family: 1/2 yard Ginger, 8×12 white, 8×12 almond, 8×12 navy, 8×12 red, 8×12 pale green, 8×12 butter, 8×12 robins egg

There are simply suggestions based on the pictures of these felted animal families in the book.  You may certainly choose other colors.  And the cut sizes may accommodate more than one families’ felt requirements in that same color.  You may want to start with one family and see what you have left of your felt.

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