Felting Needles – 4 needle assortment


Because you will want to experiment with different gauge needles or you need to quickly start a project and finish with a finer needle, this 4 pack will meet those needs.  Try our color-coded assortment which includes a 36, 38, 40 and a 38 star point.

The 36 triangular and 36 star are great for quickly starting your felting project.  The 38 is for finer work and the 40 is the finest point for really fine detailed work.  You do not need to stab deeply with any of these needles.  The working part of the needle is at the tip so poking any deeper is not accomplishing any more felting.  This also eases your hand and shoulder. Felting needles can break. You do not need a lot of force and poke your needle straight in and pull it straight out.


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