Locks du’ Jour


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Small Batch dyeing! We purchase “raw fleece” from local farms, give them a quick wash and dye them here at Weir Crafts

  • 2 ounces of dyed, wavy locks. Some fiber may be included that is not wavy.
  • We are dyeing locks in small batches and selling.
  • Please Note: These are one-off color combinations, so once we sell out of that color combo, we will not have anymore.
  • This wool is minimally processed to preserve the natural curl or wave. There will still be bits of plant matter in the wool.
  • Sourced and dyed in the USA
  • Colors never appear on your screen identically to actual color of product
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Lock colors

Sunflower, Cedar Lake, The Vinter, Violet, Blue, Teal


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