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  • Felt Bead Assortments

    10 Large Spiral Felt Beads – 2.5cm

    $4.99 Add to cart

    Ten hand made 2.5 cm wool beads with a stripey design. Color assortments will vary.

  • Naked yarn & fiber

    100% Alpaca Yarn

    $13.76 Add to cart

    A soft, very fine, drapey yarn in its natural color.  This is locally sourced and milled.

    Beautiful for shawls, scarves and other fine garments.  Dyes wonderfully.  This yarn will “bloom” a bit after a soak and rinse. No elasticity or memory to this yarn and it’s not feltable.

    • 3-ply
    • 250 yards
    • 4 oz’s approx
    • Sport weight

    Check out all of our naked yarns and fibers for dyeing.

  • Naked yarn & fiber

    100% Merino Sport Weight Yarn (Feltable)

    $19.03 Add to cart

    This is a great dyeable and feltable yarn. It’s 3-ply, 328 yards, 100 gram skein (3.52 oz’)

    Check out all of our naked yarns and fibers for dyeing.


  • Naked yarn & fiber

    100% Merino Superwash Yarn

    $14.04 Add to cart

    A DK weight  wool yarn perfect for sweaters and hats, fingerless mitts and warm shawls. The springy superwash merino is a stable fiber of high quality which will not pill or separate with wear. This yarn takes color beautifully, too.

    NOTE: Superwash yarn has been treated to make it machine washable…but this does not mean you can wash it in any cycle.  You will still need to exercise care and we recommend hand washing.  This yarn is not used for felting.

  • Wool Felt Color Assortments

    100% Merino Wool Felt – 12 Color Mini Bag

    $9.54 Add to cart

    Perfect for smaller projects, 100% wool felt in 4″x6″ inch pieces in basic colors. 100% pure merino wool makes high quality, soft felt with excellent integrity. It will not unravel, can be sewn close to the edge and will make you wonder why you ever settled for wool blended felt. Great for embroidery work, needlework projects, fine hand working, dolls and more. Dry cleaning recommended.

  • Wool Felt Color Assortments

    100% Merino Wool Felt – 8-color sets

    $20.34 Select options

    We love these beautiful varieties of 8 colors of 100% wool craft felt in 9″ square sheets.

  • Individual Colors Wool Felt

    100% Merino Wool Felt – Craft Weight

    $3.30$62.97 Select options

    One hundred percent pure Merino Wool Felt.  This is a medium weight crafting felt great for most projects; You can sew it, glue it, embroider on it.  This beautiful felt comes in 62 vibrant colors and is soft.  1/16″ inch thick (1.2mm).  All wool felt colors are certified to be free of any harmful or toxic chemicals.

  • Sale

    100% Merino Wool Felt Scrap Bag – half pound

    $9.99 Add to cart
    Small pieces of our 100% Merino wool craft-weight felt.  Scrap sizes and colors vary.
    • Size varies from just a few inches square to larger.
    • Colors will vary and cannot be customized.
    • Great for smaller projects.
    • Half pound and 1 pound sizes

    Please note: pictures of scrap bags are not a guarantee of which colors will be in any bag.

  • Naked yarn & fiber

    100% Merino Wool Roving – Natural

    $2.35$33.95 Select options

    Soft Merino wool roving for wet felting, nuno felting, needle felting and spinning. Its high quality makes it perfect for projects that will be worn close to the skin like jewelry and scarves. Merino wool fiber is the finest and silkiest of our dyed wool roving.

  • Naked yarn & fiber

    100% Merino Worsted Weight Yarn (Feltable)

    $19.03 Add to cart

    A bit tighter twist makes this yarn round and dense but still fine and soft.  Non-superwash merino in worsted weight is the go-to yarn for sweater knitters who know about the natural fulling effect that comes with wear and washing over time. Knit a sweater from this yarn and create a warm and cozy garment which will last for years.



  • Wool Felt Color Assortments

    100% Wool Craft Felt: 13 Basic Colors

    $32.90$89.95 Select options

    13 Basic colors of 100% wool craft weight felt. 8″x12″ or 18″x18″sheets.

    • 1/16 inch (1.2mm) thick, 7-8 oz per linear yard weight
    • All wool felt colors are certified to be free of any harmful or toxic chemicals.
    • OKEO-TEK Standard 100 certificate #990585, made in the EU. Certified Cradle to Cradle.
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