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  • Wool Felt Color Assortments

    100% Wool Craft Felt Color Assortment in 6 Fall Colors

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    Our beautiful all-wool-felt Fall package is perfect for making leaves and autumn decor. There are six, 8″x12″ pieces of felt. This is our best-selling wool felt in craft weight 1/16″ thick. I have embroidered and sewn this felt with excellent results!

  • Wool Felt Color Assortments

    100% Wool Craft Felt: 13 Basic Colors

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    13 Basic colors of 100% wool craft weight felt. 8″x12″ or 18″x18″sheets.

    • 1/16 inch (1.2mm) thick, 7-8 oz per linear yard weight
    • All wool felt colors are certified to be free of any harmful or toxic chemicals.
    • OKEO-TEK Standard 100 certificate #990585, made in the EU. Certified Cradle to Cradle.
  • Wool Felt Color Assortments

    100% Wool Craft Felt: 60 Color Set

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    Embroider, sew or glue myriad of felt projects with a full range of this 100% pure Merino Wool Felt, in 60 solid colors (heather colors not included).  Please choose either the 8″x12″ or 18″x18″ set.


  • Bails

    10mm Fancy Brass Bails – 13 pieces

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  • Patterns

    11″ and 6″ Bunting Doll Patterns

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    This pattern is for two sizes of soft, pillowy dolls for the young child. 6″ doll fits into the hands of a toddler, and the 11″ dolls is a cuddly armful. The doll body can be made with velour, flannel, or other fabrics. Complete instructions.

  • Needle Felting Tools

    12 Needle Felting Tool

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    A wooden needle felting punch tool that holds multiple felting needles.  The handle unscrews to easily replace felting needles. Fits all standard size needles. Felting needles included are 36 gauge.

    NOTE: these tools come packaged with 6 needles. Optional additional needles to fill punch.

  • Patterns

    12″ & 16″ Button Jointed Waldorf Doll Pattern

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    Button-jointed doll pattern by Susan Weir.  Posable Waldorf dolls in 12″ and 16″sizes with complete doll-making instructions. Includes clothing patterns (dress, pinafore, pantaloons, underwear, shirt and pants) with sewing instructions for both size dolls. Note: the Waldorf doll clothing patterns will fit these dolls also. Available also as a kit.

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    12″ Waldorf Doll Clothing Pattern Treasury

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    Sewing patterns and directions for a wardrobe of easy to make garments: yoked dress, jumper or slip, blouse, underwear and pantaloons, pants, nightie, simple gathered dress and pinafore and coat.

  • Bails

    14 Sterling Silver Fancy Pendant Bails – 7mm

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  • Patterns

    16″ – 18″ Unisex / Boy Waldorf Clothing Pattern Treasury

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    A wardrobe of clothing for boy dolls designed by Susan Weir! Pattern includes undershorts, collared shirt, vest, pants or shorts, overalls, and PJ’s

  • Patterns

    16″ Baby Doll Pattern

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    A lovely pattern for a 16″ baby doll with a simple gown and diaper from Magic Cabin.

    Materials needed for Baby Doll:

    • – 1/2 yard of cotton knit doll skin fabric
    • – 1 yard 2″ wide stockinette head tubing
    • – 10 oz. bio wool stuffing
    • – one skein yarn for hair
    • – few yards craft thread for shaping head, matching threads for skin and yarn
    • – embroidery thread in eye and mouth colors
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