Two Michigan Ladies Make Wishes Come True

I often wonder what customers are making when I see their orders. Lois Lamb didn’t disappoint when I finally asked her.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with this long-time, Weir Crafts wool felt customer, and find out just what she does with her purchases.   Lois and her dog Molly work with her sister-in-law, Ethie Haworth, one day a week throughout the year handmaking Christmas ornaments.  Originally, they worked individually.  In early October they have a sale in Saugatuck to sell their ornaments and other Christmas items.  All the money from their sale is given to “Make a Wish”.  Last year they made $12,000 which allowed five wishes to come true. 

They chose to do this as a grandson of theirs had cancer and received “a wish” giving him a lift and a hope for a healthy future. 

Lois said, “This has been a great use of our gifts and talents and has been lots of fun”! I really admire these ladies.  And Lois sealed the deal when she told me she used to own llamas.  Oh my heart.

These ladies are really something.  And so are their ornaments!  If you happen to be in the Saugatuck, Michigan area October 7th and 8th, you will find them at 245 Water St. from 10am-4pm.  I wish them much success this season.

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