Wet Felting Starter Kits

Includes core fiber, lovely roving colors, mat and instructions.

wet felting starter set
Sets contain everything you'll need to make a number of wet felted wool projects:
  • 4 oz core fiber

  • your choice of EcoSoft wool color assortments (shown with 6 vibrant colors set)

  • waterproof wet felting mat
  • Felting instruction sheet
#600-wet - Wet Felting Starter Kit - Starting at $14.95

4 oz Core Fiber INCLUDED

Wet Felting Mat INCLUDED

Wet Felting Instruction Sheet INCLUDED

Select Wool Assortment for Kit

(Prices are for whole kit)


Felting Mini Starter Kit

Mini Wet Felting Starter Set

Wet felting MINI SET: (Not shown) Two ounces of core fiber, 1/2 oz. each of 2 colors of EcoSoft wool, instructional sheet, and a smaller wet felting pad.

Please select colors.

Item # - 600-wet-M - priced below