Thick Hand Made 100% Pure Wool Felt

Soft and thick artisan made pure wool felts in lovely, heathery colors.

This soft, thick wool felt is made by hand, no two pieces are exactly the same. This all wool felt is wonderful for wet and needle felting, as well as many craft and sewing projects.

colors of our thick handmade 100% wool felt

Click for information why wool felt colors may not appear accurately online.
Swatch card recommended for exact color matching, available at bottom of the page.
NOTE: since the major quake in Nepal last year, we are working with more suppliers, and as a result, colors may vary somewhat from swatch cards, as each vendor has a slightly different shade mix.
  • Averages 1/8" (2-4 mm) thick felt 100% wool felt

  • Lighter and more porous in texture than commercially made felt

  • Colors available in approximately 12" x 12" square pieces or square yard (36" x36")

  • Color note: hand dyed felts will vary in color and thickness, part of the beauty of an artisan product.

  • Click for wool felt care instructions

Is the wool felt you are buying 100% wool?
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#490 - approx. 12" x 12" square - $4.25

#490L - one square yard - $36.95

Handmade 100% Wool Felt - Swatch Card

NOTE: Colors may vary from swatch cards. Each shipment in is slightly different, because the artisans hand mix the dyes.

UPDATED: Permanent and temporary colors both included on swatch cards.

(Temporary colors are colors that will be discontinued once they sell out.)

Small color pieces of all thick wool felt colors on a 5" X 8" card.

Swatch cards ordered by themselves are shipped for free.

Item # - 490-SW - $4.95

Thick Handmade 100% Wool Felt Scrap bag

Small pieces of most all our hand made felt colors, ranging from just a few inches square to slightly larger. Wonderful for small projects, equivalent weight is around three 12 inch sheets. Quantity limited!

Item # - 491S - $4.95

Handmade 100% Wool Felt -- 10 Bright colors

Ten approximately 6" x6" squares of thick, handmade artisan felt in bright colors.

Item # - 490-A1 - $12.95