ON SALE: Natural Undyed (ecru) Pure Wool Felt

roll of undyed 100% wool felt
  • 100% Merino wool felt in natural ecru.

  • NOTE: this is the same color as the ecru as listed on the EU wool felt page.

  • 1/16 inch (1.2mm) thick, 7-8 oz. per linear yard weight (36x36).

  • Certified to be free of any harmful or toxic chemicals, and are safe for children and pets. OKEO-TEK Standard 100 certificate #990585. From the EU, certified Cradle to Cradle purity.

  • click for wool felt care instructions

#458C - 8" x 12" piece - $2.25
SALE $1.95

#458B - 18" x 18" piece - $7.50
SALE $6.25

#458A - by the yard - (36" wide) - $28.95 - SALE $23.95
#458D - by the yard - (72" wide) - $53.95 - SALE $43.95

100% Merino Wool Felt (Craft Weight 1/16 in) - Ecru (undyed)

  • 100% pure new Wool Felt; medium crafting weight for most projects
  • 1/16 inch (1.2mm) thick, 7-8 oz per linear yard weight
  • All wool felt colors are certified to be free of any harmful or toxic chemicals.
  • OKEO-TEK Standard 100 certificate #990585, made in the EU. Certified Cradle to Cradle.
  • Click for wool felt care instructions.
SALE! - 457-ecr - priced below

How to Dye One Yard Wool Felt

Dyeing wool felt is easy and fun. The process will shrink the felt, and give it a soft, thick and nubbly texture.

Be sure to use a dye that is formulated for wool, an acid dye such as Jacquard, WashFast or Dharma, or a Fiber Reactive dyes such as Procion or Dharma.
  • 1. Fill pot on stove top with enough water to cover felt and for the felt to be able to swish freely. Heat until hot to touch.

  • 2. Add 2 cups of salt to hot water, stir until dissolved.

  • 3. Put felt into water, swish around until fully wet.

  • 4. Pre-dissolve dye in a couple of cups of hot water. Then slowly add the dissolved dye to pot, stirring constantly.

  • 5. Slowly add one cup a distilled vinegar to pot, stirring continuously.

  • 6. Heat to simmer. Simmer until felt is the desired color.

  • 7. Rinse in cool water until rinse water runs clear.

  • 8. Hand wash in cool water with mild soap, rinse.

  • 9. Air dry.

  • 10. After this, dry clean only. Further washing will continue to shrink the felt.