Merino Wool Pre felt Colors

Wool pre felt is a lightly felted sheet of wool that can be torn, shaped, or additionally felted in nuno, wet and needle felting projects.

This quality soft, even merino pre felt is a little firmer and more felted than the Italian pre felt. Use it as a base and layer wool roving onto it.

color array of merino prefelt
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A 15% restocking fee applies to prefelt cut by the yard.
  • Pre felt is slightly needled wool sheet used as a base for wet and needle felting. Not strong enough to be a fabric by itself, the felting is open and porous enough to blend beautifully with added colors.

  • This pre-felt is slightly more felted and dense than the Italian pre-felt. This plus is that it a little more stable to the hand.

  • It will take more time, and may need some needle felting to firmly bond layers than the Italian pre felt.

  • 23 micron merino wool fiber, 160 grams/meter weight.
  • SOLD BY THE HALF YARD: Please order multiples for desired yardage.
    Example: 2 half yards = one yard; 4 half yards = 2 yards.

  • #508A - ~9" x 9" - $1.95

    #508A - half yard (approx. 36" wide) - $10.95