Ashford NZ Corriedale Wool Roving

Fine and soft Corriedale wool roving for wet and needle felting

This fine wool is soft, even, and works for all felting projects, both needle and wet. It has a long, silky fiber and is comfortable next to the skin. Ashford takes pride in long term relationships with their farmers and the excellent care of the sheep. The colors are lovely, all making for some of best Corriedale wool available.

Ashford NZ Corriedale Wool Roving - all colors
Ashford NZ Corriedale Wool Roving - all colors Ashford NZ Corriedale Wool Roving - swatches

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If color matching is important for you, please order color card at page bottom.

  • 27-30 micron fiber, staple length approx. 11cm (4.25 in.).

  • One ounce is about a 2 yard length of 1-2" thick roving.

  • Scoured (washed) using an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable detergent.

  • Free of any harmful or toxic chemicals,dyes and wool are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 compliant.

  • Responsibly and sustainably raised, pasture fed sheep.
    The sheep are not mulesed, are sheared with care, and raised humanely by farmers who take pride in their high standard of animal husbandry.

  • For exact color matching, please order sample card at page bottom.

#501 - ounce - $2.59
#501 - quarter pound - $9.75
#501 - pound - $38.95

NZ Corriedale Wool Roving Swatch Cards

Swatch cards with samples of all 44 colors of NZ Corriedale roving colors. Regular shipping applies.

Item # - 501SW - $9.95

Corriedale Wool Roving Color Assortments