Curly Wool Locks

Dyed and natural color wool, curly braided roving.

Curly Locks are cut right from the sheep and roughly washed, leaving the original waves and curls in the wool. Braided wool roving unbraids to form wavy hair for dolls and doll beards.

Undyed Wavy Wool Locks

Curly, uncombed,rough wool roving locks cut right from the fleece and washed. From Border Leicester sheep, note colors will vary from bag to bag. Please note this wool is minimally processed to preserve the natural curl. There will still be bits of plant matter in the wool. Colors will vary from bag to bag. Sold by the ounce.

Braided Wool Roving

braided wool roving in hair colors
braided wool roving in hair colors braided wool roving end

Braided wool roving comes in a tight braid, which when pulled apart, expands greatly to create curly locks. Great for doll hair, felting, angels, and beards. 12" triples in length when unbraided.
Multiple yards of a color may come in a continuos length.

Please note: colors may not show up accurately online.
#513 - 12" length - $5.45

12" Braided Wool Roving

12" Braided Wool Roving

12" Braided Wool Roving
Golden Yellow

12" Braided Wool Roving

12" Braided Wool Roving
Light Brown

12" Braided Wool Roving

12" Braided Wool Roving