What is the difference between the kinds of wool roving that we sell?

• The differences are in the fineness (the width in microns), and the staple length (theeh average length in inches) of the individual wool fibers that make up that kind of wool roving. There are many breeds of sheep, each brred has a charachteristic mopcron/staple length of fiber. The finer fibers are silkier, and a longer staple length make a stronger roving.

Merino: 21-22 micron fiber, staple length approx. 7.5 cm (3 inches).
The finest, softest wool, this felts flat and silky. Especially recommended for anything that's to be worn next to the skin.

NZ Corriedale: 27-30 micron, staple length approx. 11 cm (4.25 inches)
Very close to the merino in softness, a wonderful array of vibrant colors.
Both of these two are recommended for needle felting and nuno felting (felting wool onto fabric). While any wool can be used for wet felting, these will felt a bit more slowly.

EcoSoft: This is a mixture of Corriedale and other fibers, a little coarser than pure Corriedale. These colors are subtly blended, giving a soft, rich visual texture. This wool needle felts and wet felts with equal ease.

HomeSpun: This is carded Romney wool, the coarsest of the rovings, giving it a good 3D fluffiness and wet felts the most quickly. Great for felting over soap bars or anything where you want some thickness and depth to your project.