Undyed Wool Roving

Natural colors of Corriedale, Merino, and Romney wool roving, Leicester locks.

Undyed Corriedale Wool Roving

undyed Corriedale wool roving
The same quality as our dyed wool roving, but in natural colors.It felts well, wet or needle felting.
Natural ecru, or shades of sheep's gray/brown.
  • 27-30 micron fiber, staple length approx. 11cm (4.25 in.).

  • One ounce is about a 2 yard length of 1-2" thick roving.

  • Scoured (washed) using an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable detergent.

  • Free of any harmful or toxic chemicals.

  • Responsibly and sustainably raised, pasture fed sheep.

Natural Ecru:
#503 - ounce - $2.00
#503 - pound - $26.00
Sheep's gray/brown:
#504 - ounce - $2.59
#504 - pound - $38.95

Undyed Merino

Fine Merino Wool Roving -- Natural

Merino wool roving is perfect for needle felting and nuno felting projects that will be worn close to the skin.
  • Merino wool fiber is the finest and silkiest of our dyed wool rovings.
  • 21-22 micron fiber, staple length approx. 7.5 cm (3 ins)
  • One ounce is about a yard and a half of 1-2" thick roving.
  • One pound is about a volleyball-sized amount of roving.
  • Sustainably and humanely farmed, free of harmful chemials. Dyes certified to meet OKEO TEK-100, product classes 1 and 2.

$2.15 /ounce
$31.95 / pound

Item # - 507 nat - priced below

Undyed Home Spun Roving

undyed Home Spun RoOmney wool roving
This soft carded wool is a blend of mostly Romney and Merino wool at a nice price.

The fibers are a wider diameter than our other rovings, making it the fastest fiber for wet felting. It compacts easily and quickly with soap and water and is our easiest wool to work with.

From a USA mill that has been producing quality wools since the 1880's.
#506 - ounce - $1.75
#506 - pound - $25.95

Undyed Wavy Wool Locks

Curly, uncombed,rough wool roving locks cut right from the fleece and washed. From Border Leicester sheep, note colors will vary from bag to bag. Please note this wool is minimally processed to preserve the natural curl. There will still be bits of plant matter in the wool. Sold by the ounce.

Natural Undyed Wool Locks

see details
Item # - 510-lig - $5.47

Rainbow Dyed Wool Locks

see details
Item # - 510-rai - $5.95