Kona Cotton Doll Skin

Woven Kona Cotton Broadcloth in Doll Skin Colors

Quality cotton broadcloth fabric in skin colors for doll making. Kona broadcloth fabric is not stretchy.

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  • Kona Cotton Doll Skin

    Kona Cotton Doll Skin Scrap Bag- Half Pound

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    A half pound of our popular Kona woven cotton doll skin fabric. Each half pound bag contains 3-4 colors of fabric measuring at least 9″ wide by 22″ long.  The photo shown is an example of what could be in the scrap bag but colors and sizes will vary.

    Note: This fabric is NON stretchy and not suitable for Waldorf doll making.

  • Kona Cotton Doll Skin

    Woven Kona Cotton Doll Skin Fabric

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    This woven, Kona cotton doll skin fabric is perfect for making soft cloth dolls!  It comes in beautiful flesh tone colors.

  • Kona Cotton Swatch

    Woven Kona Cotton Doll Skin Fabric Swatch Card

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    Color swatch card with 2×2″ swatches of woven cotton doll skin colors. Scone (not shown in picture) also included.

    Swatch cards ordered by themselves are shipped for free.

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