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    25 Plastic Bobbins

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    A pack of 25 plastic bobbins to keep your threads from tangling.

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    Big Eye Beading Needles

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    Your best friend when beading with your braiding. Needle opens full length for easy threading.

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    Counterweight for Disk or Plate

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    A 50 gram (1.8 oz) weight for use with the kumihimo braiding disk or plate that helps keep braid tension even. Comes with a soft satin cord tie to prevent braid damage. Color of weight or satin tie may vary.

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    EZ-Bob Bobbins

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    These handy little folding plastic disks keep your threads from tangling. Unfold the cover and several yards can be wound onto the bobbins. Fold the cover back and threads can be easily managed.

    • Small are just under 1 7/8 inches across
    • Large are 2 1/2 inches across
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