Wet Felting Supplies & Tools

Wet felting pads, soaps, wool blenders

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  • Wet Felting Supplies & Tools

    Bamboo Wet Felting Rolling Mat

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    Use a bamboo mat to speed up the wet felting process and create a firm and even felt.  It weighs only 6 ounces and is approximately 19.5 inches x 19.5 inches. Rolls up for easy storage.

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  • Wet Felting Supplies & Tools

    Olive Oil Felting Soap

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  • Wet Felting Supplies & Tools

    Textured Mat for Wet Felting

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    This 12″ x 18″ waterproof mat has texture for fast felting. Felt with your fingers on top as the resistant surface felts the bottom.

  • Wet Felting Supplies & Tools

    Wool Fiber Blenders

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    Prepare fibers for needle felting with these handy little carding combs. Blend one or more colors or fibers with beautiful results. An inexpensive version of the larger Ashford hand carders.  Working surface is about 1 x 2 inches. Open up endless possibilities for mixing colors and fiber types.


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