Natural & Dyed Wool Sliver (for felting)


Sliver is similar to the ropey, carded, roving you are used to but with no twist to it.  Sliver is a carded, lofty, strip of wool that is not slippery like the combed tops making it perfect for needle felting, wet felting and spinning.  This is a new product for Weir Crafts and I chose it for the gorgeous, natural (undyed) colors as well as the earthy tones of the dyed colors. Various sheep breeds are used as you will notice in the names of each.

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Please Note: Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the variance of the sheeps’ wool. I do my best to represent the colors correctly.

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Dark Fawn Corriedale, Grey Shetland, Moorit Brown Shetland, Grey Corriedale, Light Grey Cheviot, Dark Grey Cheviot, Badger (Corriedale), Bear (Corriedale), Chestnut Chap (Corriedale), Ginger Pup (Corriedale), Fawny Friend (Corriedale), Dark Fawn (Corriedale), Sienna (Corriedale), White (Corriedale), Rust (Corriedale), Pale Amber (Corriedale), Mink (Corriedale), Golden Hound (Corriedale)


1 oz, 4 oz's, 1 lb

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