Waldorf Doll Making Kits and Supplies

Cloth for doll skin, yarn for doll hair, waldorf doll kits, patterns and instructions

All the wholesome Waldorf supplies you have known and loved

From knitted dolls for the beginner to felted doll kits, we have you covered! If you need yarn for doll hair, cloth for doll clothes or bodies, patterns, kits or tools, you are in the right place!

Waldorf Doll Making Supplies and Tools

waldorf doll making supplies

Doll skin fabric, silkscreened doll bodies, hair yarns, threads, wool stuffing, tools, and more

Waldorf Doll Kits

waldorf dolls from doll kits

Traditional Waldorf dolls, button-jointed dolls, toddler dolls, mermaids

Waldorf Doll Patterns

waldorf doll patterns

Patterns and instructions for our Waldorf dolls

Waldorf Doll Clothing

waldorf doll clothes

Waldorf doll clothing for 12" through 18" dolls

Waldorf Crafting Books

Sewing Dolls book cover

Felting, sewing, felts, doll making

Nature Inspired Doll Kits

daffodil nature doll

Small and heart warming seasonal nature doll kits

Knitted Doll Kits

knit Waldorf gnome dolls

Simple knitted projects to make pixies, fairies, families, dwarves and more

Doll Making Tutorials and Instructions

a doll head being sewn together

Illustrated instructions for making Waldorf dolls

Making Dolls to Sell

Weir Crafts doll hang-tag

Selling your dolls from Weir Crafts doll designs

Waldorf Doll Makers

Waldorf dolls from Nancy McLaughlin

Have a custom doll made for you!