EcoSoft Wool Roving

Beautiful, blended heathered colors of Ecosoft wool roving for wet and needle felting

ecosoft needle felting wool roving - all colors
ecosoft needle felting wool roving - all colors ecosoft needle felting wool roving - ounces for felting

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If color matching is important for you, please order color card at page bottom.
  • The colors in this line knocked our socks off.

    This custom blended wool roving both needle felts well, and is also wonderful for wet felting. It compacts easily and quickly with soap and water and is easy to work with.

  • EcoSoft has more bulk than the fine, flat merino. It is good for making 3 dimensional objects.

  • From a family run mill in the USA that has been producing quality wools for over 100 years, a living testament to small town America. 60% Corriedale wool, 40% blend of all domestic wools.

  • Dyes are OKEO-TEK certified for safety.

  • Sheep are properly raised with care, given a safe and low stress environment every day of the year. The first priority in shearing is the safety and health of the sheep.

  • NOTE: this roving comes in a thinner strand, or unspun 'rope', than the other wools.

  • For exact color matching, please order sample card at page bottom.
#502 - ~ounce - $2.45

#502 - pound - $33.50

EcoSoft Wool Roving Swatch Cards

Swatch cards with samples of all ecosoft wool roving colors. Regular shipping applies.

Item # - 502SW - $8.95

EcoSoft Wool Roving Color Assortments