Wool Roving for Wet and Needle Felting

Merino wool roving, NZ Corriedale wool roving, Ecosoft wool roving, Homespun wool roving, pencil roving, Artfelt roving, felting roving

We carry four complete color lines of wool roving.
Here are the differences between the wool rovings.

Merino Wool Roving

Merino Wool roving

Fine wool roving fiber for needle felting

NZ Corriedale Wool Roving

NZ Corriedale wool roving

44 vibrant colors of fine wool roving for felting

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EcoSoft Wool Roving

EcoSoft wool roving

Wool roving for wet and needle felting

Home Spun Carded Wool

Home Spun Carded wool

Wool roving for the fastest wet felting

Wool Color Assortments

Wool Roving color setst

Palettes of 6 to 44 colors of wool roving. Great to start with!

Natural, Undyed Wools

Undyed wool roving

Undyed wool roving and curly wool locks

Core Fiber

carded wool core fiber

Offwhite wool stuffing for insides of felted objects

Curly Wool Locks

curly wool locks

Curly wool for texture

Blended Color Merino Wool

blended color merino wool

Heathered mixes of colored wool roving

Wool Pencil Roving

pencil roving

Thin wool strands for felting

Braided Wool Roving

barided wool roving

Braids of wool roving for curly hair and beards

Metallic/Sparkly Fiber

metallic and sparkle fiber

Mylar metallic and iridescent synthetic fiber

Merino Wool Prefelt

Merino Wool Prefelt

Lightly felted wool sheets of wool roving for nuno felting

Wool Felt Beads

Colored Assortment of Wool Felt Beads

Wool felt beads in many colors and sizes

Wool Felt Purses

Blue Zippered Wool Felt Purse

Solid color felted wool purses to decorate

Felt Flowers and Felted Wool Flowers

Assorted Felted Daisies and Felted Cup Flowers

Wool felt flowers, or kits to make your own