Kumihimo Checker Braid

Braiding Disk Instructions

Kumihimo tutorials for making round braids on a braiding disk

These pages are freely available instructions for making braids on the kumihimo disk and plate. These are instructions of common generic braids, patterns freely available in Japan. along with Makiko Tada’s instructions for which may be found in her book for disk and plate braids.
Text and pictures by None Redmond, a weaver and kumihimo braiding teacher.

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Checker or Edo Yatsu Gumi Braid

Please put the threads on the disk as shown, 6 dark threads and 2 light ones.

ROUND 1: The dark thread at the north on the left skips over it’s light-colored neighbor and goes to the north of the two threads on the right as shown below.

The lower thread on the left skips over its immediate neighbor to go to the left of the single thread at the north.

The thread on the right of the South pair skips over its neighbor to go to the underneath of the single thread on the left.

Here the thread in the middle of the three threads on the right has been moved to the right of the thread one the south. It will be noticed that in all of these first moves the moving thread hops over 1 thread moving in a clockwise direction.

The next move however is just a little housekeeping.

The upper thread on the right is moved down one slit to join its neighbor. The situation then looks like the photograph to the right.

ROUND 2: The lower east skips over the adjacent thread to move to the right of the two threads at the north..

The light colored thread to the left of the south pair moves over its neighbor to rest underneath the dark colored thread to the east.

In this picture the upper thread of the pair to the west has jumped over its neighbor to move to the left of the single thread at the south.

The central thread of the three at the north has jumped over its neighbor to go to the upper slot next to the thread on the west. Again it will be seen that in these last moves the threads skipped over one neighbor moving in a counter clockwise direction. The little housekeeping job is repeated.

And here the photograph shows the move completed. Repeat Round 1 and Round 2 over and over.

And here is the completed braid

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