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Braiding Plate Instructions

Kumihimo tutorials for making flat braids on a braiding plate

These pages are freely available instructions for making braids on the kumihimo disk and plate. These are instructions of common generic braids, patterns freely available in Japan. along with Makiko Tada's instructions for which may be found in her book for disk and plate braids.
Text and pictures by None Redmond, a weaver and kumihimo braiding teacher.

Braid 3: Chevron (or Une-gumi) Braid (4/4)

3 to (4)
Chevron flat braid.

(3) to 3
Chevron flat braid.

B to (3) This completes the cycle of moves and it will be seen that now the colours are once again symmetrical about the vertical central axis. This is a good way of checking that there has not been a mistake made in the moves.
Chevron flat braid.

This shows the cross made. 6 to (B) and 7 to B. Please be sure to start the cross with the left hand thread at 6 and be sure to cross the threads. The braiding will then continue as before making one side first before the other.
Chevron flat braid.

And here is the finished braid.
Chevron flat braid.