Sizing Braids

Kumihimo tutorials for sizing braids

How do you pick the correct size end cap or clasp set for your braid?
Please see the following pictures for help sizing jewelry findings for both round and flat braids.

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Let’s start with round braids.
In the picture to the left, you can see the braid is just under 4 mm (millimeters) wide. End caps are available in 3 and 4 mm sizes. Which one do you pick?

You will be wrapping the braid end with thread just before putting the end cap on, which compresses the braid slightly.

Because of this, when you are in between end cap sizes, pick the smaller size cap so there is a snug fit.
This braid will use a 3mm size end cap.

The blue and white braid is slightly larger, just under 5 mm across. End caps are available in 4mm and 6mm sizes.

Again, because the braid will be slightly compressed by the end thread wrapping, use the smaller size.
This braid will fit in a 4mm end cap.

This picture shows both of the above braids now glued into the end caps with a lobster clasp finish.You can see how they fit snugly and smoothly into the 4mm and 3mm cap sizes. Caps shown are the plated end caps.

Here we are looking at a flat braid.
Because the flat end clamps are in inches, we are using the inch side of the ruler. You can see this braid is 1/4 inches across.

Pick the 1/4 inch end clamps.

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